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Footage tracks possible offender

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The man, who Police investigating 39 year-old Hiren Mohini's murder want to identify, will feature in extensive footage on tonight's Police 10/7 programme on TV2.

After viewing more than 400 hours of CCTV recordings over the past 11 days, the investigation team has compiled a 90 second track which shows the man - whose image was made public last Friday - walking through the city from Queen St to Federal St where he is seen getting into Mr Mohini's taxi.

Throughout the footage he is carrying what appears to be a bag similar to the royal blue shoulder bag with a distinctive white logo on it that was recovered - bloodstained - from a recycling bin on Mt Eden Rd near the View Rd murder scene the day after Hiren Mohini was killed in a frenzied knife attack

"Someone out there must know who this man is," officer in charge of the investigation Detective Senior Sergeant Hywel Jones said.

"The longer the man doesn't make himself known to Police, the greater the likelihood is that he is involved in Mr Mohini's death. If anyone thinks they know who he is, they need to contact the investigation team on 0800 444 014 or"

The Police 10/7 story also shows the route Mr Mohini's Co-op Taxi took from Federal St to View Rd the night he was killed, along with witness reports to Police immediately after he was discovered.

"Residents reported seeing a man running along View Rd towards Esplanade Rd and, not long later, a man is reportedly seen on the roof of a carport," Mr Jones said.

"The person on the carport was bare from the waist up so it's possible he had discarded whatever top he was wearing. If anyone has found clothing they're not familiar with or is missing clothing or laundry from clothes lines, we need to hear from them."

Mr Jones said it is highly unusual that no one has recognised the man, whose image was made public last week, by now.

"As in every whodunnit-type homicide investigation, we've had to be strategic in terms of our publicity so as not to compromise the integrity of the evidence we've collected to date from the likes of the scene examination and area canvasses, while at the same time keeping public safety issues at the forefront of our activities.

"The opportunity that Police 10/7 has provided us with might prove invaluable in the long run, as might every other avenue like Asian websites, the billboard and mainstream media we've used to appeal to the public for information."

Operation Edgewater has extra staff assigned to man the 0800 444 014 number tonight and officers and civilian volunteers will be attending the Chinese New Year celebrations at the ASB Showgrounds on Saturday to generate discussion and gather information.

A DVD which plays the three images released over the past 11 days and which feature on the Fort St billboard - the person Police want to identify, the "Dicon Aibi" bag and the distinctive cap that was found with it - will be played in the city's Link bus advertising screens from tomorrow.

Issued by Noreen Hegarty
Auckland City Police Communications Manager
Ph 09 302 6947 or 0274-951-589