Thursday, 18 February 2010 - 9:16am |
National News

Corner Cutting

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Canterbury Police are disappointed with the large number of drivers who continue to routinely cross the centre line on bends, despite recent publicity and graphic newspaper photographs of the possible consequences of doing so.

Sergeant John Hamilton of the Highway Patrol said two officers issued 63 infringement notices to drivers for failing to keep left in the Hundalee area south of Kaikoura in about 6 hours of enforcement last week.

One driver was charged with dangerous driving after he was photographed overtaking a line of vehicles as he headed into a blind bend. When stopped he was very apologetic and the other motorists, whose lives he risked, were appreciative that he was caught. He is the second driver to be charged with dangerous driving in this identical manner in recent weeks.

"A few of the drivers are quite blasé about being caught driving on the wrong side of the road at bends, saying `only about half of the car was over the centre line, so what's so bad about that ?'", says Sergeant Hamilton.

"We keep pushing the same old message", he said. "If both vehicles stay in their lane they can't have a head on crash."

Failing to keep left carries an infringement fine of $150 and 20 demerit points. Motorists charged with dangerous driving are liable to a $4500 fine or 3 months imprisonment, as well as a minimum of 6 months disqualification from driving.