Friday, 24 February 2006 - 1:01pm |
National News

Rarotongan Boy Found Safe and Well

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Henderson Police have located the 11 year old Rarotonga boy, who has been reported missing from his home in Ranui, West Auckland for the past four days.

Constable Andrew Owens, Henderson Police, says that the boy, Maara TERITAITI [pron. Mahara TERI - TA - ITI ] was found today at Manukau City shopping mall.

"The young boy is unharmed, fit and healthy," said Constable Owens.

"A member of public saw the boy late this morning, and immediately called Police."

"We found him playing video games in the Mall."

"The boy told us that he has been sleeping under the stars in a park since Tuesday,
and that he has been given food by other street kids, and eaten at some homes."

"Police have returned the boy to his relatives in South Auckland," he said.

"The boy has been in New Zealand for about two years".

"Police wish to express their gratitude to all the media and to the public for their valuable assistance. It was as a direct result of both the media publicity and calls from the public that this boy was able to be found today," Constable Owens said.