Friday, 31 March 2006 - 4:01pm |
National News

Employment matters to be determined in accordance with due process

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Deputy Police Commissioner Lyn Provost said that following the acquittal of Assistant Commissioner Clint Rickards by the jury in the Auckland High Court today Police would commence discussions with his lawyer in regard to employment matters.

"This is not a process that can be rushed. There are many factors involved both from the point of view of the employee and the employer and I am not going to speculate or prejudice those matters by public commentary," said Deputy Commissioner Provost.

Early in the investigation concerning Mr Rickards there was a separation in responsibility between criminal matters and employment matters. The then Deputy Commissioner of Operations Steve Long, now Acting Commissioner, was responsible for overseeing the criminal investigation and employment matters were assigned to Deputy Commissioner Provost.

Deputy Commissioner Provost said that the Operation Austin team who had undertaken the investigation into Mr Rickards, Brad Shipton and Bob Schollum had done so according to the highest standards of professionalism in the Police.

"The team's job was to investigate and in conjunction with the Crown to put the evidence before the High Court - no more and no less. They have discharged their duty in exemplary fashion," said Deputy Commissioner Provost.