Police Praise Actions of Elderly Female Shopper

Police Praise Actions of Elderly Female Shopper

National News

North Shore police say they consider the actions of an elderly woman who intervened during a recent handbag robbery at the Glenfield Shopping Mall, to be courageous.

Police say they are investigating an incident at the Mall at about 12.30pm on Wednesday 28 June 2006 when a 32 year old female shopper was robbed of her handbag by a young male offender.

Acting Sergeant Matthew Purdy of Glenfield Police, says the offender approached the victim, and as she was about to step onto the escalator, he suddenly grabbed her handbag. A struggle ensued, with the victim strongly resisting the man's attempts to take the bag and its contents.

"A 72 year old female passer-by saw what was happening, went to the victim's aide and physically intervened in a valiant attempt to also prevent the bag being stolen. Her actions were decisive and quick," he said.

"Their combined efforts to secure the bag were unsuccessful however, and the offender decamped from the Mall with the bag and its contents. The victim is understandably shaken by this incident," Sergeant Purdy said.

"The offender is described as a male Maori or Polynesian in his twenties, of stocky, powerful build, with shoulder length dark hair, wearing a white t-shirt and dark pants."

"There is a good witness to the incident and we are hoping this man will come forward as a result of hearing this report. This person is not considered a suspect, but he may well have some vital information that will assist both Police and the victim."

"This witness was in the mall car park at the time of this incident. He was wearing a distinctive purple rugby jersey with a "Ford" logo on the front. It is highly likely that he may have seen this incident take place. He's possibly also seen the offender."

"While police strongly recommend to everyone against placing yourself in a position of danger, on this occasion, the actions of the elderly passer-by, were particularly brave and very courageous," Sergeant Purdy said.

Any information can be given to the Glenfield police, Ph 443-8039