Thursday, 6 July 2006 - 3:06pm |

Extra caution needed on roads

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Wellington District Police are urging motorists to adjust their driving to the conditions as more wet weather lashes the region.

Thirty three vehicle crashes were reported to police in the Wellington District yesterday. Most could have been avoided if drivers had dropped their speed or increased their following distance.

Eight of the crashes were on State Highways 1 and 2 within 700m of the Ngauranga Gorge interchange, the rest on other sections of the highways or on heavily used arterial routes.

Data from the 24-hour period yesterday shows 23 of the crashes were in the Wellington City Council territorial local authority boundary, 5 in Porirua City, 4 in Hutt City and one in the Masterton District Council boundary.

While slips, strong winds and surface flooding continue to make driving conditions difficult, Senior Sergeant Rowan says all road users - drivers and pedestrians - can do a lot to make their journeys safer.

Drivers are urged to:

  • slow down and drive to the conditions

  • increase your following distance from the vehicle in front

  • use your headlights and wipers - and make sure these are working effectively

  • use your demist and air conditioning functions to stop windows fogging up

  • be patient on congested routes.

Pedestrians are urged to:

  • look before you step out onto roadways or pedestrian crossings - especially if you're using an umbrella

  • make sure drivers can see you

  • cross the road only when it's safe to do so.


Released by:

Kaye Calder

Wellington Police District communications manager

Tel: 496 3464 or 0274 373 020