Monday, 17 July 2006 - 3:27pm |
National News

Miramar house focus of Red Rocks homicide inquiry

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Police investigating the death of Karori man Tony Stanlake have switched their main forensic crime scene examination focus to a Miramar house.

Detective Inspector Mike Arnerich, head of Wellington CIB's Operation Red Rocks homicide investigation team, said he's optimistic that police have identified the scene where Tony Stanlake was killed as a house at 14 Strathavon Road, Miramar.

"We've had detectives and forensic specialists working at the house since last Wednesday. It's a large five-bedroomed tenanted property and I expect we will be there for several more weeks yet before our detailed scene examination is completed.

"We're taking our time working through the exterior and interior of the house to fully catalogue items of interest to our inquiry."

Detective Inspector Arnerich said one early priority is tracing the movements of the two to three people who lived at 14 Strathavon Road, their friends and others who visited the house.

"We'd like to speak with anyone who has had some association with the house or its occupants," he said. "We'd also like to hear from people living in Miramar or who travel through the area and who have seen or heard any unusual comings and goings at the house, particularly during the period Thursday, 6 July to Wednesday 12 July."

Detective Inspector Arnerich said police want to know more about the activities of the people living at 14 Strathavon Road, and to find out if Tony Stanlake visited the house, the frequency of the visits and if anyone went with him.

Police also want to know more about the movements of the 1995 dark blue four-door Subaru Legacy sedan registration number DAB151 that was seized last Wednesday, and Mr Stanlake's 1994 blue three-door Ford Laser TX3i hatchback.

"The last confirmed sighting we have of Tony Stanlake alive is his visit to Bunnings Warehouse in Adelaide Road at 12.13pm on Thursday, 6 July," Detective Inspector Arnerich said. "His car was found locked in the garage of his Lancaster Street, Karori, home. Did he use it to go shopping on Thursday 6 July? If not how did he travel to Newtown? Has someone else used his car in the days before his body was identified? How did he get to Strathavon Road?

"We have lots of questions still needing answers," he said. "To help jog memories we'll have more staff canvassing the Lancaster Street, Karori, and Strathavon Road, Miramar, areas in the next few nights to see if residents can help with information."

He also encouraged people to contact the 0508 Red Rocks hotline - 0508 733 762 - and speak direct with one of the inquiry team.