Thursday, 30 August 2001 - 4:01pm |
National News

Teen job seekers warned

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A recent incident in Christchurch prompts local police to warn parents and young people to be careful when taking on part time or holiday jobs.

A young male recently placed an advertisement into the Buy Sell and Exchange paper stating he wanted some work after school and in the weekends.

The boy and his family felt uncomfortable about a male who replied and called at their home to discuss the work. It has since been established that he has a criminal record including sex offenses.

Police advise that parents should be aware of how and where their children are seeking work and where possible, meet those offering to employ them.

"Parents should be aware of where their children are seeking employment," says Constable Lyndal Donnelly. "Young people should also be aware that people are not always as they seem. You need someone you trust to give you advice about whether to take a job or not and the employment conditions."

In this case the 15 year old was offered painting and decorating with very good money, in cash. The male suggested that they spend the day alone together to `get to know each other’ before they began working.

"This should ring alarm bells," says Constable DONNELLY. "Cash always seems a lot of money, however much it is, to young people and is very tempting. In this case the parents were very concerned by this. If you feel uncomfortable, get out of the situation and tell someone. You should also notify Police, as this family did."