Thursday, 27 July 2006 - 9:45am |
National News

Tip search finishes for missing hands

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An intensive two-day search of the Happy Valley Landfill has failed to find homicide victim Tony Stanlake's hands.

Detective Inspector Mike Arnerich, head of Operation Red Rocks, said investigators reassessed the search overnight and have decided it is no longer feasible for the tip examination to continue.

"We gave the search our best shot and are confident we were in the right area," he said. "It's disappointing we haven't found the hands but it was always going to be difficult given the way items are compacted and shredded at the tip face."

Scene examinations are continuing at the house in Strathavon Road, Miramar, where police believe Mr Stanlake was killed.

"We're going to be at the house for a while yet," Detective Inspector Arnerich said.

Flyers depicting Mr Stanlake's 1994 blue Ford Laser registration number SU472 are being distributed to Miramar households overnight to help establish any sightings of the vehicle in the eastern suburbs in recent months.

The car itself, parked on a trailer, will be positioned outside 14 Strathavon Road from later this afternoon for a few days.

"We really want to know more about Tony's movements, including his car, in the weeks leading up to his death," Detective Inspector Arnerich said. "People must have seen it in the area. We're hoping that by physically placing the car outside the house this might help recall some sightings."

He urged people to call 0509 Red Rocks - 0508 733 762 - if they can help with information.