Monday, 21 August 2006 - 12:04pm |
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Car is crucial to finding depraved attacker

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Police criminal profiler Sergeant David "Chook" Henwood says finding the woman's stolen vehicle is crucial to finding the man responsible for the brutal home invasion and sexual attack on the 32 year-old Onehunga woman early on Friday morning.

The car - a burgundy coloured 1997 Honda Logo, two door hatchback with black bumpers and the registration number BDM323 - was stolen from Spring St, opposite the victim's flat, sometime after the attack. The key to it was stolen from her home.

Sergeant Henwood attended a briefing of staff working on Operation Coil this morning and said the fact the offender used some items from the victim's home to assist with his attack, suggests he was disorganised.

The victim, a 32 year-old accountant from China, has been seriously traumatised by her ordeal but has been providing Police with a detailed statement over the past three days of her near-death encounter in her own home.

"She has told the investigators that the man used her own pyjama pants to try and gag her and almost suffocate her during his depraved assault and that to me suggests he knew she was home alone and vulnerable," Mr Henwood said.

Police have not been able to determine a point of entry into the house, but the victim saw the offender leave through the front door shortly before she herself ran half naked next door to her neighbours for help.

Officer in charge of the investigation, Detective Senior Sergeant Scott Beard, said finding the car continued to be one of the main focuses for the large team of investigators today.

"It's absolutely vital that we find our victim's car and in doing so get some traction on a possible offender because we sure as hell don't want to see this sort of incident repeated - or even escalated - in the weeks to come," Mr Beard said.

People with information about the car or the offender can call Auckland Central Police on 09 302 6400 and ask for Detective Sergeant Andy King.


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