Sunday, 21 November 2010 - 9:01pm |
National News

Monitoring of mine gases to contiue overnight as rescuers await go-ahead to move in

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Specialist search and mine rescue staff and other emergency services remain on site at the Pike River coal mine tonight as the monitoring of air and gas levels continues.

Police Response Coordinator, Superintendent Kelvin Powell, said monitoring of toxic gas levels in the mine will contiue throughout the evening.

"This monitoring will allow first responders the earliest opportunity possible to judge when it is safe enough to allow teams to enter the mine and bring the men out.

"This operation is a fine balancing act. We know families and friends are anxious to hear news of their loved ones and all response personnel are totally focused on bringing the men home."

Emergency services, welfare agencies and the mining company are working together to support the families of the trapped miners and contractors.

Further updates will be provided when available.

Media note: police media communications staff rostered for contact late Sunday and overnight are the following:

Andrew McAlley
Waikato Police Communications Manager
Mobile 0272962396 - in Greymouth