Thursday, 25 November 2010 - 6:54pm |
National News

Operation Pike Update

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Operation Pike has now entered a recovery phase.

This phase will be led by Inspector Mark Harrison. Superintendent Gary
Knowles remains in charge of the overall operation.

"The Police focus is on getting the men back to their families and supporting them during this time," Superintendent Knowles said.

"The safety of the people involved in the recovery remains a priority and this will continue to be a priority through the entire operation. The recovery phase will continue to involve a team of specialists with a wide range of expertise."

"The recovery group are currently evaluating the range of options for creating a safe environment in the mine. It is impossible to set any timeframes on when a recovery attempt can be made," Superintendent Knowles said.

Pike River Coal has set up a trust fund for the miners' families. Donations to the Pike River Miners Relief Fund Trust can be made at any branch of the Westpac Bank or by contacting the Grey District Council on 03 769 8600.