Wednesday, 1 December 2010 - 8:45am |

Assault victim has critical injuries

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Police in Palmerston North and Levin are investigating the critical injuries sustained by a man who was the victim an assault in Levin; an assault for which a man has now been arrested.

Wellington Hospital contacted Police on Tuesday, 23 November, stating that a 27-year-old Palmerston North man had been transferred to Wellington from Palmerston North Hospital in a critical condition with head injuries.

Since receiving this notification Police have made a number of enquiries to establish how he came by his injuries. From those enquiries Police believe that the man travelled to the Wellington area with one male friend and two female friends on Saturday to attend a concert. The group agreed to drop two other people off at Levin on their way through to Palmerston North on Sunday (21 November).

In Levin around 1.30pm on the Sunday the victim was assaulted by a man from within a second group of people, who were not known to him. It is not believed any weapons were involved.

The injured man was taken to Palmerston North by his friends and later hospitalised where the extent of his injuries became clear.

Police have identified the other group of people present at the incident in Levin and have been afforded good co-operation.

This morning a 17-year-old man from Levin has been charged with assault and has been bailed to appear in Levin District Court tomorrow (Thursday, 2 December)

It is anticipated that more serious charges could be laid.

Media enquiries should be referred to Communications Manager Kim Perks on 027 234 8256.