Wednesday, 6 September 2006 - 4:52pm |
National News

Taser defuses armed threats

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There have been three occasions since the start of the trial last Friday where tasers have been deployed said trial Project Manager Superintendent John Rivers.

In all three incidents the offenders were armed with a weapon and threatened harm but the incidents were all resolved with police officers using the tactic known as "laser painting" without having to fully activate the taser.

The first incident took place early on Sunday morning in Orewa when police were called to an incident involving a 29 year old male who threatened to kill his mother and himself with a knife. Police evacuated the house and encouraged the offender to surrender. The offender was charged with threatening to cause injury.

On Monday morning in Waitakere two male offenders, known to police, drove away from the scene of a burglary and were pursued by police. When stopped, the driver was seen to be armed with a long screwdriver. He was encouraged to discard the screwdriver after being warned by the officer through "laser painting".

The offender was faces a string of charges such as resisting arrest, reckless driving, unlawful taking and burglary, failing to stop and driving while disqualified. The other offender was charged with burglary and unlawful taking.

The third incident took place in a central Wellington street in the early hours of this morning when police received calls that a man was threatening people with a large knife. When confronted and warned that he would be tasered the offender complied and was arrested for possession of an offensive weapon.

Superintendent Rivers said all three incidents were resolved according to police operating procedures and ended in highly satisfactory and successful resolutions.