Wednesday, 22 December 2010 - 10:24am |
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Police remind parents to keep children safe in summer holidays

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Parents and caregivers are being urged to be aware of keeping their children safe during the school holidays.

With many young people attending parties or heading into town, to the beach or to parks with friends, Police are reminding parents and caregivers to ensure that children are supervised and can keep themselves safe.

Children under the age of 14 years must be supervised by an adult or another young person over the age of 14 years.
However, Whangärei Police Officer in Charge of Youth Aid Sergeant Vicki Cunningham says parents need to ensure that, although the person supervising their children is legally old enough, they need to be responsible and capable of looking after young children.

If young people are attending a party or any other gathering, then parents need to know that it's illegal to supply alcohol to young people under the age of 18 years.

"Parents and caregivers also need know where the party is, who will be there and ensure that there is adult supervision. Contact the person in charge of the party and get the details. To ensure their safety, drop your children up off at the venue and pick them up."

Sergeant Cunningham says if your child has a driver's licence you need to ensure that they are complying with conditions of the licence.

If they have a learner's licence then they need to have a person in the car with them who has had a full licence for two years. This person must be in the front passenger seat.
A driver on a restricted licence cannot drive between the hours of 10pm to 5am or carry passengers unless they have a full licence.

"Make sure your children have contact numbers they can call if they get into any situations that they feel unsafe and that if you are not available there are other adults they can trust to call."

For further information contact Northland Police Communications Officer Sarah Kennett on 09 430 4525 or 027 494 1214