Thursday, 24 February 2011 - 3:01pm |
National News

Media Access to Central Christchurch city restricted area

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This policy on New Media access will apply today and until further notice.

1. The primary location for news media is the staging area at the ART GALLERY, Montreal Street.

Access to the Art Gallery for media will be through the Police cordon on the corner of Bealey Avenue and Park Terrace.

Media reporting to the cordon will be transported in to the Art Gallery by bus. You may be required to wait for the bus.

News Media must not leave the Art Gallery area except on an authorised Police escorted bus.

2. Police will provide a shuttle bus service to give controlled access to three central city locations.

The shuttle will operate on the following route: 

  • Cordon on the corner of Bealey Avenue and Park Terrace
  • Art Gallery
  • Cathedral Square 
  • CTV building 
  • PGC building

... then exiting the central city cordon and returning to the Bealey Avenue/ Park Terrace cordon and continuing on the same route.

News media will be able to get off the bus at a viewing point at each location but MUST stay within the designated area. This will be controlled by Police. Media must not go to any other area.

The bus will remain at each location for approx 15 - 20 minutes then proceed to the next location.

Media may remain at each location but must stay at the location until another circuit of the bus.

The bus will operate as a continuous shuttle between these locations until approx. 7pm, then on a limited basis until 11pm. It will recommence at 5.30am.


Any media operating in locations outside these designated points will be in breach of the central city restrictions and will be instructed to leave the city cordon. This will be strictly enforced.

Christchurch Police Media team: 027 320 960
Police Public Affairs, National Headquarters: 04 4602986, 04 4749 482