Thursday, 24 February 2011 - 5:44pm |
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Latest media advisory on access to restricted areas in Christchurch city -update

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Please note this is the latest media advisory from New Zealand Police on the policy which applies to media access within the restricted cordons area.

1. The primary location for news media is the ART GALLERY, Montreal Street.

News media should access this location via the Bealey Avenue/Park Terrace cordon.

Media may make their own way through the cordon, park vehicles along Park Terrace, and make their way to the Art Gallery via Gloucester Street. It is helpful to have identification with you.

Broadcast vehicles may travel to the vicinity of the Art Gallery.

Vehicles sent to replenish fuel, water, supplies etc, may travel to the vicinity of the Art Gallery but must return to outside the cordon.

2. News Media must not leave the Art Gallery area except on the authorised Police escorted bus.

Police are monitoring all egress points around the Art Gallery.

3. Escorted bus service

Police today provided a shuttle bus service for media to give controlled access to three central city locations. This worked well and Christchurch Police hope to repeat the service - depending on demand - tomorrow. Details of the timings will be advised.

3. Media must not be in other areas with the central city cordon.

If news media are found at any other location within the cordon you will be instructed to leave the central city cordon immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation as we continue this rescue operation.

Christchurch Police Media 027 4320960
Police National Headquarters Public Affairs: 04 460 2986 or 04 4749482