Saturday, 26 February 2011 - 4:32am |
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Christchurch earthquake - Cordons need to be respected

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Police want to reinforce that cordons and emergency tape need to be respected after two journalists were found standing in the rubble of a collapsed building.

The pair were observed by police staff last night at a building on Papanui Road inside the emergency tape. They were asked to leave and did so, acknowledging that they knew they shouldn't have been there.

Although the building was outside the official CBD cordon the emergency tape clearly indicated that the building was a safety risk.

Supt Russell Gibson said: "We fully accept that the media have a job to do and we are actively supporting this with regular media briefings, interview and photo opportunities and controlled access to restricted areas.

"Any media found to be acting inappropriately or putting themselves in danger by entering areas that are clearly restricted or a safety hazard will have privileges, such as access to bus tours, revoked."

Breach of the official CBD cordon remains a criminal offence.

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