Sunday, 27 February 2011 - 7:16pm |
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Two more names expected tomorrow

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The names of two more victims of the Christchurch Earthquake will be released publicly tomorrow morning.

The families have been advised and are in the process of contacting their wider family.

The confirmed death toll from the earthquake remains at 147 but this number is still expected to rise.

At a media briefing this afternoon District Commander Dave Cliff gave further clarity around the numbers of those confirmed dead and those considered as missing in the most damaged parts of the city.

"For the sake of concerned families it is important that the reporting of the numbers reflects that the figures of dead and missing are intertwined," said Supt Cliff. "We still have a list of over 200 people who we consider missing but we believe that most, if not all of those who have been confirmed dead are on that missing list. It is only once we have confirmed the identity of someone who has died that we can crosscheck and remove their name from the missing list."

With the death toll at 147 that means that more than 50 people over and above that 147 are still unaccounted for.

Supt Cliff personally met with the family of one of his own staff members today who among the many others waiting for news of their loved ones. The police member is not being named but has been confirmed as a female police employee; not a sworn police officer.

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