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Drivers clogging central city in Christchurch

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6 March 2011

Police have raised concerns this afternoon over the driving bevaviour of some motorists as people start getting out and about again in Christchurch.
"The streets are still very dangerous" said Superintendent Sam Hoyle there are huge cracks, uneven surfaces and rocks and silt all over some roads.
"These conditons make driving very hazardous. In many place the traffic lights are still out and we are very concerned that many people are just not taking these extreme hazards in to account.
"There is nothing normal about driving in Christchurch at the moment and everyone should remember that."
There is still a very pressing need to keep the streets clear to allow emergency vehicles and those still working desperately around the city to get services funtioning again.
" We have had three crashes this afternoon and this ties up emergency services, creates traffic jams to say nothing of the trauma to already traumatised people," Mr Hoyle said.
"We need everyone to play their part, driving carefully may not seem like much but taking care of yourself and your family when you are driving is as important as taking care of yourself and your family in every other situation and at the moment, we are all very conscious of this.
I would like to remind every one to:
• Keep your speed down
• Be aware that many traffic lights are out
• Make sure your vehicle is roadworthy before you use it
• Do not drink and drive
• Keep all travel to a minimum
• and above all try to be patient.

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