Tuesday, 28 November 2006 - 3:31pm |
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Young Motor Cyclist Clocked at High Speed

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Police have described the actions of a 15 year old motor cyclist, who was stopped for travelling at excessive speed on State Highway 16 recently as "blatantly irresponsible."

Police say that about 11.30am on Sunday 26 November 2006, the young male rider was travelling at a speed of 154 km/h, in a 100 km/h sector of the highway near Wellsford, when he was stopped by a road policing unit.

Highway Patrol Manager Senior Sergeant Bill Russell, says the youth told Police he was unaware he was going so fast.

"He only received his restricted motor cycle licence month ago, but now because of his reckless actions he has a mandatory 28 days riding suspension. He will also be charged with speeding and other offences," he said.

'Police are becoming increasingly concerned at the enormous risks being taken by young motorists who are on the graduate drivers licence system.'

'These motorcycle riders and motorists need to be vigilant in keeping to the speed limits and to their restricted licence requirements. There's too many who consider their individual driving abilities to be above that of others, who are far more experienced.'

'Holding a driver's licence is a privilege...it is not a right!'

Police have only one clear, simple message for all young motorists. Don't travel at excessive speed... because you certainly will be caught," Senior Sergeant Russell said.


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