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Auckland police dog wins national patrol team championship

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Auckland Police dog Lore and his handler Senior Constable Craig Foote are this year's national police patrol dog champions.

With only six months operational experience behind him, Lore is one of the youngest police dogs to win the prestigious title - delighting Senior Constable Foote who won the national title in 2006 with his previous dog Kaos.

"Winning the national championship is a huge achievement, but to win it with such a young dog and against strong competition means a lot," says Senior Constable Foote who has been a dog handler for 11 years.

"Lore's already made some good catches in the six months we've been in operational service together. He's got a great temperament, excellent breeding lines through the police programme and a strong desire to achieve. We've been put through our paces in the competition this week and I'm very proud of his all round solid performance."

Senior Constable Foote and his two-year-old German Shepherd patrol partner won the national patrol championship Frank Riley Cup, the William Rose Bowl for criminal work disciplines, the Commissioner's Challenge Cup for the highest marks in obedience, the Monoghan Trophy and Bev Laybourn-Monaghan Memorial Cup for the highest marks in heel work, and the Dazuhalten Cup and Keop family trophy.

Tasman Police District's Senior Constable Julian Lewis with his dog Saegar were runner's up and also won the Colin Guppy Trophy for tracking. Senior Constable Blair Spalding and Yogi from Waikato were third.

This year's top explosive detector dog champion team and winner of the Aviation Security Shield is Senior Constable Hamish Todd and Cindy from Wellington Police.

Aviation Security Officer Nick Hunt and Chase from Wellington were second and Customs Officer Keith Murray and Rik from Auckland were third.

Corrections Officer Barry Nelson and his dog Olesia from Christchurch won the Alan Symes Cup for the narcotic detector dog title, and the Maidstone Auto Point Trophy for the highest marks in locating white powders.

Runner up was Senior Customs Officer Daniel Wright and Anzac from Auckland with Corrections Officer Carol Draunivudi and Flash from Auckland third.
The top ten police patrol dog teams from around New Zealand competed for national honours at the New Zealand Police Dog Centre at Trentham this week. They were joined by six of the best narcotic detector dog teams from Police, Corrections and Customs and the top five explosive detector dog teams from Police, Aviation Security Service and Customs.

Inspector Brendon Gibson, national coordinator of police dogs, praised the skill and commitment of all the competitors.

"The teams have worked through demanding but realistic exercises this week and have demonstrated the development and depth of the operational dog teams across the country."

Photo of Senior Constable Foote and Lore is attached.


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