Monday, 5 February 2007 - 3:58pm |

Coast to Coast meets Super 14- February 8, 9, 10

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This year is the 25th anniversary of the Coast to Coast so more than the usual number of competitors are expected to be arriving in Christchurch next weekend.

The Coast to Coast competitors will also be arriving in Christchurch about the same time as supporters will be making their way to the Crusaders v Reds clash in the Super 14 code this year. Saturday 10 February should be a busy afternoon/evening in the city.

Senior Sergeant Peter Laloli says there is the potential for tension and accidents.

"This is the 25th anniversary of the Coast to Coast so there is an extra large contingent, over 1000 competitors expected," he says. "I'm asking everyone to take extra care and allow extra time."

The two day Coast to Coast competitors will start arriving in the city from 1pm on the Saturday afternoon while the one day competitors are expected to be making their way down Brougham Street towards Sumner at around 6.30pm - the same time as the rugby supporters will be finding a park and making their way to Jade Stadium.

"On Saturday 10 February we'll have Police staff on every controlled roundabout and intersection from Russley/ Carmens Road intersection to Sumner, from 1pm until about 7.30pm at night," says Senior Sergeant Laloli.

"These cyclists will be travelling very fast; don't under estimate their speed. They are very competitive so please give way and let them go ahead."

"If you are going to the rugby, please arrange to get there early to find a park and allow time to make your way there. You may be held up at crossings," says Peter Laloli. "Please obey the officer on duty."

Coast to Coast competitors will be briefed as to what they should expect but Snr Sergeant Laloli urges everyone to practise tolerance.

"We'll endeavour to keep everyone safe and happy," he says.

There will also be heavy traffic from Christchurch over Arthurs Pass to the coast on Thursday 8 February as competitors and supporters make their way to the start at Kumara. Many travel in groups and are easily recognisable with bikes and kayaks strapped to vehicles.

On Friday and Saturday, motorists near Klondyke corner on SH3, and on Saturday on the old West Coast Road through to Sumner, should be prepared to meet cyclists competing these stages.

The first competitors cycling through from the Waimakariri River should be expected from around 12.30 noon, reaching the first major city intersections shortly after.

Cyclists can be expected through on the route to Sumner until at least 8pm at night and motorists should be prepared for anything as competitors will be tired.

Senior Sergeant Laloli says his priorities are to see that all competitors reach Sumner safely and that there are the minimum delays and inconvenience for everyone.