Tuesday, 20 February 2007 - 9:48am |
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Police numbers reach record high

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The introduction of the latest group of 72 recruits to the Royal New Zealand Police College on Monday (19 February) marked a significant milestone for New Zealand Police.

For the first time ever, New Zealand Police will have over 8,000 sworn staff. To put this number into to perspective, linked with outstretched arms, the officers could circle the perimeter of Eden Park's playing field 48 times.

The 8,000 milestone has been reached after a period of significant recruitment which has seen the organisation grow by 1,000 sworn staff members since the year 2001. If the current trend continues the number of sworn staff should increase to 8,500 by 2009, achieving the current Government's goal of adding 1,000 additional cops to NZ Police's resource pool.

Factors that have contributed to the growth include an attrition rate other employers would envy (currently sitting at 4.1%), a recently updated starting employment package of over $50,000 and an increased average length of service.

NZ Police Human Resources General Manager Wayne Annan stated that he is happy with the progress that has been made to date but there are still plenty of opportunities for the right kind of people. "New Zealand Police is still seeking quality candidates as it aims to boost its numbers further...in particular, there are still many opportunities available for people who wish to work as Police Officers in the Auckland districts" Mr Annan said.

Mr Annan believes there may be people living outside of the Auckland area who would jump at the chance of working in Auckland if it meant bypassing the waiting lists that exist within some other districts and commencing their policing career now.

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