Friday, 23 March 2007 - 12:47pm |

Lower Hutt Police crackdown on boy racers showing good results

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Lower Hutt Police were again out last night targeting boy racers who converge on the city on a Thursday night.

Last night was the third Thursday in a row for the targeted action which will be ongoing, says Acting Lower Hutt Area Commander Senior Sergeant Peter McKennie.

"We believe the total number of boy racer vehicles has dropped by almost a third from the first week of this operation and we were pleased that no vehicles had to be impounded last night.

"It was also noticeable that many boy racers got fed up and went home early. By 11pm their numbers had dwindled considerably."

Last night 417 vehicles were stopped. The highest speed police detected was a vehicle traveling at 136kph in a 100kph area.

What the Police found:

  • 417 vehicles stopped

  • 97 infringement offences detected, comprising:

- speed: 16

- seatbelts: 1

- licence breaches: 21

- offences that could lead to crashes (eg bald tyres): 28

  • licence suspensions for excess breath alcohol: 2 (Note: one of these people was not a boy racer).

  • 417 breath alcohol tests were conducted.

Two people had breath alcohol levels that required an evidential breath test revealing levels over 650 micrograms per litre of breath. (Note: one of these people was not a boy racer).

  • Three cars were ordered off the road due to serious faults with vehicle condition.

  • highest recorded speed: 136kph

For more information contact Senior Sergeant Peter McKennie, Tel: 04 560 2600.