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"Arrive Alive" this Easter

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Police in the Wellington District are gearing up for the Easter holiday long weekend.

Police throughout the Wellington region commence Operation Easter Safe on Thursday 5 April, running through to the end of the official Easter break at 6am on Tuesday 10 April.

Senior Sergeant Doug Rowan of the Wellington District Road Policing Group says police in Kapiti, Porirua, Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Wairarapa and Wellington City are preparing for a busy but safe Easter period.

"A large number of Wellington families and individuals travel north at the beginning of the Easter holiday and the police focus will be to ensure motorists travel safely and without undue delays.

"Likewise the return journey on Monday 9 April is another busy time that requires patience and attention to driving.

"Police will relentlessly target speeding drivers, those not wearing seat belts, red light runners, stop sign offenders, drivers following too close, dangerous overtaking and careless driving.

"During the evening, alcohol and drugged drivers will be a focus.

"Police will be out on the roads maintaining a highly visible presence. We want people to reach their destinations in one piece and then get home again safely.

"Police will be doing all they can to keep traffic flowing smoothly. Emergency services are very aware that delays lead to driver and passenger frustration, but we ask people to be patient. We will be doing everything we can to keep delays to a minimum."

Road users can help by:  • pulling over to let faster moving traffic pass  • wearing their seat belts   • keeping within the speed limits  • putting the brakes on risk-taking behaviour  • avoiding alcohol if you're planning on driving  • taking regular breaks to avoid fatigue  • using 'Driver Reviver' stops where you see them on your travels, eg for the return journey the driver reviver station at Waikanae is an ideal spot to stop and rest.


  • Over the official Easter holiday period in 2006 there were 5 fatal crashes and 114 reported injury crashes nationally.

  • These crashes resulted in 5 deaths, 27 serious injuries and 143 minor injuries. No fatalities were recorded in the Wellington District.

  • The 5 deaths included 1 driver, 1 passenger and 3 motorcyclists.

  • Fatalities and serious injury crashes are largely associated with alcohol, speed, failure to wear restraints and other trauma promoting offending.

  • All of the fatal crashes and half the injury crashes reported during the Easter weekend occurred on the open road.

  • 34% of crashes were single vehicle crashes in which a driver lost control or ran off the road, 24% were intersection collisions, 15% were head-on collisions, 13% were rear end crashes or collisions with obstructions (such as parked vehicles), 5% were overtaking crashes and another 5% involved collisions with pedestrians.

  • Fatalities and injuries would be dramatically reduced if people were more careful about their alcohol consumption, speed, and restraint wearing and driver behaviour.


For more information contact Senior Sergeant Doug Rowan:

Tel (04) 439 0824