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Recorded crime drops in Northland

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Crime statistics released today show that recorded offences have dropped by 5.6 percent in the 2010/2011 fiscal year.

A total of 16,275 offences were recorded in the period 1 July 2010 to – 30 June 2011 – down 965 offences or 5.6 percent on the same period last year. Northland’s resident population rose 1.1 percent in the same period and when this is taken into account, the crime rate dropped 6.7 percent.

Northland Police Relieving District Commander Detective Inspector Karyn Malthus said the results were very encouraging and is a testament to the hard work and commitment of Police staff, particularly in preventing crime and victimisation.

Ms Malthus says Northland Police have also been working closely with key partners such as local territorial authorities, iwi partners and social sector agencies to look at ways of reducing crime and therefore victims in our communities.

"We are also focusing on areas that prevent crime, such as increased foot patrols, bail checks, hotel checks, road checkpoints and providing increased enforcement around illicit drugs, liquor bans and violence."

Figures for the year showed that:
• Homicide and related offences dropped by 50 percent from 4 to 2 offences. This included one attempted murder and one murder during the period both of which were resolved. This was the lowest recorded murder rate since the 2004/2005 fiscal year.
• Recorded family violence dropped 4.4 percent or 102 offences from 2327 to 2225.
• Illicit drug offending dropped 27.9 percent or 520 offences from 1867 to 1347 offences
• Acts intended to cause injury dropped 2.4 percent or 49 offences from 2038 to 1989 offences
• Sexual assault and related offences dropped 24.3 percent or 41 offences from 169 to 128 offences
• Abduction, harassment and other related offences against the person dropped 13.3 percent of 77 offences to 502
• Robbery, extortion and related offences dropped 11 percent or 9 offences to 73
• Theft and related offending dropped by 0.8 percent or 34 offences from 4460 to 4426. However within this division, motor vehicle and related theft went up by 128 offences to 1784.
• Fraud, deception and related offences dropped 16 percent or 64 offences from 401 to 337 offences.
• Illicit drug offences dropped 27.9 percent or 520 offences to 1347.
• Public order offences dropped 15.5 percent or 279 offences to 1520.
Offences to show increases were:
• Dangerous or negligent acts endangering people rose 78.3 percent – up from 23 to 41 offences
• Unlawful entry with intent/burglary/break and enter were up 3.5 percent from 2710 to 2806 offences
• Offences against Justice procedures (which includes for example breaches of community based orders, violence and non violence restraining orders) went up 7 percent from 672 to 719 offences.
Offences which make up most recorded crime are:
• Theft and related offences make up 27.2 percent of recorded crime
• unlawful entry with intent (17.2 percent)
• acts intended to cause injury (12.2 percent)
• property damage and environmental pollution (12.2 percent)
• Public order offences (9.3 percent).
• illicit drug offences (8.3 percent)
Burglaries have increased this year with the greatest increase being dwelling burglary. This year dwelling burglary is 14 percent above the five year average and non-dwelling burglary is up by three percent.

Police are working on a control strategy to curb the rise in burglaries. Using a whole range of policing resources, the strategy involves the community in reducing the opportunities for burglaries to occur.

Alcohol still remains a key driver of crime in Northland, and is a factor in many of the assault offences.

"We have initiatives in place to tackle this problem, such as the Far North Alcohol Team. This is a joint project between Police, Far North District Council and Northland Health, which is looking at ways of reducing the harm that alcohol abuse causes in our communities." Police and other agencies are planning to introduce a similar initiative to the Whangarei area.

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