Friday, 11 November 2011 - 8:31am |

Return of campaign to encourage safe riding

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Motorcycle safety will be at the heart of a month long campaign which starts in Central District on Monday (14 November).

The campaign was run for the first time last year and was met with a very positive response from riders, who in the main were demonstrating responsibility on the roads.

The officer in charge of Highway Patrol for Central District, Senior Sergeant Kris Burbery said: "We were really encouraged by the response we received last year and feel it is a worthy initiative to repeat. It is important to stress that this is not about targeting motorcyclists to issue infringement notices. Although we will deal with offences that we identify, the focus is to engage with riders to raise awareness and remind them of their vulnerability.

"It is also about encouraging both car drivers and motorcycle riders to respect each other; they each have responsibilities that they need to uphold."

In 2010 seven motorcyclists were killed on Central District roads with speed identified as a contributing factor in three of those crashes. So far this year five motorcyclists have died. Those cases are still under investigation but speed and alcohol are suspected as being a contributor in some of the crashes.

During last year's campaign 747 motorcyclists were spoken to. 49 offences of speed were detected, 35 riders were in breach of their licences, 9 had vehicle faults and there was one drink-driver identified.

The 2011 Month of Motorcycles will run from 14 November to 11 December. Police will be proactively speaking to motorcycle and moped riders. They will be focusing on vehicle conditions, safety equipment, clothing, licences, rider behaviour and legal compliance. Checkpoints will also be a part of the campaign with the support of partners agencies such as ACC.

Some key safety tips are as follows:

• Make sure you have appropriate licence for the size of motorcycle.
• Ensure the vehicle is safe, registered and warranted.
• Make sure you wear the appropriate safety clothing and footwear. No bare skin and jandals!
• Make sure you wear an approved safety helmet.
• If you are riding a motorcycle that was manufactured on or after 1 January, 1980, the headlight must be switched on at all times when on the road.
• Ensure you comply with any conditions of a graduated (learner or restricted) drivers' licence.

Media enquiries should be referred to Communications Manager Kim Perks on 027 234 8256.