Friday, 18 May 2007 - 7:41am |

Underage sale in alcohol controlled purchase operation

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A Wellington business will be appearing before the Liquor Licensing Authority after selling alcohol to a minor in a controlled purchase operation.

Wellington Police Liquor Licensing Officer Sergeant Caroline Marner says the joint Wellington Police and Wellington City Council District Licensing Agency (DLA) operation was run on Friday 11 May 2007.

Two volunteers visited a total of 12 premises, which included bottle stores, grocery stores and supermarkets in Wellington city and suburbs. Their mission was to test the systems stores have in place to ensure alcohol is not being sold to minors.

"As the volunteer did not have any identification, this sale should not have taken place. The most disturbing aspect of the sale is that the volunteer was only 14 years old."

The business, which was a convenience store, could have its liquor license and/or manager's certificates temporarily suspended because of the sale.

"For quite some time now, all the enforcement agencies have recommended asking anyone who looks under 25 years old for identification, using the simple slogan: No ID. No service," says Sergeant Marner.

"The operation was an enforcement and education opportunity. Police and the DLA provided advice on signage and discussed any issues with the retailers. For those who refused the volunteers a sale, we will be sending them a follow-up letter encouraging them to keep up the good work.

"We hope the operation sends a signal to licensed premises that they need to be on top of their game and not sell to minors because Controlled Purchase Operations will take place anytime, anywhere."


For more information contact: Sergeant Caroline Marner, Wellington Police Liquor Licensing Officer, Tel: (04) 802 3727.