Wednesday, 31 October 2001 - 5:31pm |
National News

Take common sense steps this Halloween

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National Youth Aid Coordinator Inspector Chris Graveson said that children (depending on age of children) need to be accompanied by an older, responsible person if out celebrating Halloween tonight.

"Even if out with an older sibling, parents and caregivers need to be aware of which areas their children are visiting and what time they are expected home. It is a good idea not to go too far from home and stick to a familiar neighbourhood.
Children need to be wary of dogs when entering someone’s property and remember not to enter stranger’s houses.

"It is important to remember that not everyone celebrates Halloween and people do not have to open their doors when people come knocking.

There are also visibility issues as most of the Halloween dress-ups are black. Children should stick to well lit footpaths and be careful crossing roads this evening.

Also if you are out and about on a broom tonight remember to wear your helmet and reflective tabs said Inspector Graveson."


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