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Christchurch Central weekend

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18 June 2007

City issues

Two big issues in Christchurch city over the weekend were female drunkenness and theft ex cars says Central Area Commander, Inspector Gary Knowles.

"There were many very drunk females on the streets," he says. "Most were in the late teens, early thirties age group but one woman in her forties abused me for not being allowed back in a bar at 4am."

Many females were so intoxicated they couldn't stand up and couldn't even give their addresses to taxi drivers whom Police arranged to take them home. There was too much alcohol, too quickly.

Inspector Knowles says however because there were extra staff on the street with an Operation Crusade in town, there were no rapes reported.

"When women are drunk like this they have no control and are extremely vulnerable," he says. "They easily become victims of assault or rape and have no idea what has happened to them. How many times do we report stories of women waking up in strange places with only a vague recollection of what has happened the night before? They often have no idea if it was consensual or rape. What ever happened to looking after your friends?"

The town was also hit with a spate of theft ex cars particularly in the Kilmore Street area, car parks and poorly lit areas.

"People are still leaving far too many belongings in their cars in full view," says Inspector Knowles. "I am amazed at what you can see in people's vehicles - cameras, bags, laptops, all sorts of electronic gear, expensive jackets etc. If I can see that - a thief can too and he'll target your vehicle ahead of someone else's because he can see what he'll get."

In other incidents in town two police officers were attacked when they went to check on a bar. Both were admitted to hospital but both are home today. One officer has a dislocated jaw and the other has heavy bruising and lacerations. In relation to this incident a male doorman was sprayed twice with pepper spray and will appear in court today on charges of Wounding with Intent, Assaulting Police, and Escaping.

A male aged 32 years old was hospitalised after he consumed four casks of wine. He was grossly intoxicated and was in Emergency for some time.

Despite all that there were only 34 arrests in Central Christchurch and no incidents of serious violence (other than to my staff) reported.

On a lighter note - one of my staff, Community Constable Stef Harris won another award, in Canada this time, for his movie the Waimate Conspiracy, and I am delighted to congratulate him.