Monday, 18 June 2007 - 1:07pm |

Seeking Jane's phone

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The family of Jane Young who died in at Edgeware Road in early May are looking for her cell phone. Despite there being a large quantity of belongings left on the road and footpath, Jane Young's cell phone has not shown up.

The Youngs says that it has tremendous sentimental value to them and they would love to get it back.

The phone is Silver, Sanyo 8300.

Jane bought the phone out her own money and kept some personal texts on it which were very important to her and now to her family.

Jane definitely had her phone on her when the car hit her but it has not been recovered from the scene.

The Young family ask anyone who might have picked it up or even taken it then thrown it away to please either contact police to let them know were this is, or leave it somewhere safe. It could be left anonymously at a police station or a public place such as a library.

Please young people in Christchurch, help the Young family.