Thursday, 12 July 2007 - 11:00am |
National News

Rodney Police Investigate Sexual Assault on 73 Year Old Woman

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Rodney CIB is investigating an incident in Mangawhai after a male intruder broke into the home of a 73 year old woman and sexually assaulted her.

Detective Sergeant Stan BROWN says police were called to the elderly woman's address north of Auckland at about 11.00pm last night. The woman was in bed when the offender entered her bedroom.

"He was armed with what appeared to be a steak knife. A struggle then ensued in which the woman was able to get the knife off the intruder and stab him in the left forearm, and the thigh on his right leg."

"It was after this that the intruder sexually assaulted the elderly victim. The victim was extremely courageous and made a heroic effort to fight off her attacker," Mr Brown said.

Police have released a description of the offender

Male - Maori.

Medium Build - approx 173-175 cm

Clothing - black pants, black boots, blue jacket with a hood. He had long hair. This was sticking out from top of the hood of the jacket.

"This person would have need treatment for the wounds he received and police are appealing for anyone with information on this attack to please call Rodney CIB at 09 426 4555. A forensic team is now examining the scene."

"The victim has given a detailed description of the incident to police and she is now in the care of Victim Support and resting. She has been remarkably calm and appears to be coping well since her ordeal," said Mr Brown.