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Speeds around schools show dramatic drop

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Police data released today show a dramatic drop in the percentage of drivers exceeding speed limits around schools.

The figures show that in 2007, for the period from February to May, the average percentage of vehicles detected traveling at more than 4 kph over the speed limit within a school zone dropped down to 6.6 percent from 8 percent for the same period in 2006.

This drop indicates that since the introduction of the new 4 kph enforcement threshold, vehicle speeds are coming down around schools.

Further there has been an 18 percent reduction in the number of drivers traveling at speeds that will result in them receiving an infringement notice.

The latest figures from Police also show the number of speed camera photographs taken have reduced, despite the lowering of the enforcement threshold.

School Zone - Vehicle Speeds Monitored by Speed Camera

In 2006, on average, just over 32 speeding vehicles per hour were photographed in school zones. So far this year (and despite lowering the enforcement threshold by 1 km/hr), the average number of photos per hour reduced to 28.5 photos per hour.

"We are pleased be able to see a real change in driving behaviour" said Superintendent Dave Cliff, the national road policing manager.

"It has taken a long time for some people to get the message but at last the roads around schools are safer places for our children."

Police report that it is now rare to find extremely high speeds around schools as the average speeds have begun to drop.

"We would support lowering speeds around schools even further and in fact, many schools and Councils are working to lower speeds near schools to 40km," said Superintendent Cliff.

"While at the moment we are pleased to see that these figures show a significant change and our children are safer as a result, Police would dearly love the number of tickets being issued to drop even further also."

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