Monday, 6 August 2007 - 12:20pm |

Passenger disruption on Air NZ flight this morning

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Police are speaking with a family and passengers on an Air New Zealand flight this morning after a 42-year-old man caused a disturbance.

The man, who had traveled with his parents from Hong Kong, became increasingly agitated as the Auckland to Wellington flight neared Wellington, says Sergeant Roly Gascoine.

"At this stage it appears the cause of his agitation was that he had not taken prescribed medication.

"He became increasingly agitated during the flight and ultimately assaulted a man sitting near him.

"He was restrained by two passengers for about 10 minutes as the flight approached Wellington and calmed down during this time.

"The two passengers who restrained him did a fantastic job. Police were called to meet the flight and we escorted him off the plane.

"The assault wasn't so serious that there was a real danger to the flight, crew or passengers, but it obviously upset passengers."

The plane, flight 417 from Auckland, which departed at 0930hrs, was full.

At this stage the Police haven't received any formal complaints from passengers or Air New Zealand staff, but are investigating the incident.

The man and his parents are being looked after by Police and airport staff.