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North Shore CIB Investigate Attempted Abduction

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North Shore Police are continuing their enquiries into the attempted abduction yesterday of a 13 year old girl in the suburb of Beach Haven.

Police say that about 3.45pm Wednesday 8 August 2007 a 13 year old female was on her way home from school when she was attacked by an unidentified male at the intersection of Beach Haven Road and Hayman Road.

The girl had got off the school bus and had only walked about 10-15 metres when a man wearing a black balaclava grabbed her on the arm and tried to pull her towards his car that was positioned by the curb.

The female student successfully fended off her attacker and ran to the safety of her home nearby. The girl was shaken by the experience and reported the incident to North Shore Police.

Police have spoken to the victim further this morning and a small team of police has completed door to door enquiries in the locality of the attack.

Police say factors surrounding this attack give cause for serious concern.

These include the nature of the full facial disguise worn by the offender and the openly blatant attempt to abduct this young victim in broad daylight.

Police have issued a description of the offender.

Male - Age and skin factors unidentified

Height - rather tall - possibly 175 cm Clothing - wearing a full black balaclava, with the eyes visible only, dark trousers tucked into black boots, other dark clothing, and black, motor cycle gloves.

This male was driving a late model dark coloured motor vehicle. Possibly modified or lowered. It had tinted windows, and was in good condition.

North Shore Police are appealing to the public for sightings of this vehicle or any other suspicious vehicle that may have been seen frequenting the Beach Haven suburb prior to or around 3.30 - 3.45pm yesterday.

Anyone with information is requested to contact the North Shore CIB on telephone 09 477 5103 - OR - Text 027 2727 669 - North Shore Police Text Line.


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