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Trust and confidence in Police remains high

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Results from the latest citizens’ satisfaction survey confirm New Zealanders continue to have high levels of trust and confidence in Police.

The independently-run survey asks people their views about Police, feelings of safety and what their service experience was like if they recently had contact with police. This year, close to 10,000 people throughout the country took part in the research.

Deputy Commissioner Viv Rickard says it is pleasing to see trust and confidence remain so high, given people can be experiencing stress or difficulty when they have contact with police.

"At 77 percent, New Zealand Police’s overall trust and confidence rating would also be the envy of many overseas police forces," he said.

Amongst other findings from the survey, Police scored 82 out of 100 for satisfaction with police service delivery - a full 10 points higher than the average for other public sector organisations in New Zealand.

"We aspire to be an organisation which is easy to deal with and maintains high standards of service, so it’s great that such a large majority of New Zealanders come away satisfied with the service they get from us," Mr Rickard said.

“We’ve got some stunningly good staff out there, going the extra mile every day to serve their communities, and it’s great to see their commitment being recognised through the survey. We also recognise that we must continue to work hard in order to maintain the trust and confidence of New Zealanders”.

"The survey gives members of the public the opportunity to tell us how we are doing, and we thank those who took the time to participate in the survey,” Mr Rickard said.

More information about the survey, including access to the full report, as well as District results, can be found at:


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