Wednesday, 3 October 2007 - 1:08pm |

Threats result in armed callout to Porirua

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Lumps of wood, a tomahawk and bottles were thrown at police officers by a man who was accompanied by a large and lunging rottweiler dog when police were called to a domestic related incident in Porirua last night.

Police fired several shots at the hyped up dog when it ran towards them and threatened officers. None of the shots hit the dog, and no member of the public was in danger when the shots were fired.

Inspector John Spence, Kapiti Mana Area Commander, said the armed callout was volatile as the man was very agitated and threatening, and the dog was being used as a weapon against the officers.

One of the lumps of wood struck an officer, and the man rearmed himself with a larger axe and softball bat during the incident which started in Warspite Avenue, Porirua, about 10.40pm last night, and ended two hours later.

Inspector Spence said a woman and young child managed to leave the house and fled to neighbours before police arrived. Pepper spray was directed at the dog with no effect and officers tried to shoot it as it ran unleashed towards them.

Police dogs were used to restrain the 19-year-old man who is now at Wellington Hospital where he is undergoing surgery for dog bites to his legs.

He will face a variety of charges relating to the use of weapons, including the dog, and for the damage caused to a neighbour's car.

The dog belongs to the man's partner, the victim in the domestic incident. The woman was unhurt.

"This was a very nasty situation where the offender threatened his partner.

"The offender continued to threaten and challenge police when officers arrived at the scene. A variety of missiles were thrown at officers and a neighbour's car was damaged. The use of firearms by police in an effort to stop the dog was in this situation quite justified."

Inspector Spence said a scene examination is continuing at the house today, and police are speaking with witnesses.