Friday, 12 October 2007 - 2:57pm |
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Police seek suitable organisations to receive diversion donations

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Police are seeking applications from suitable organisations to receive donations made as part of the Police Adult Diversion Scheme.

Superintendent George Fraser of the Steering Committee for the Diversion Scheme, said the policy had recently been reviewed and money from diversion would now be targeted towards organisations that help achieve crime and crash reduction goals.

Previously donations could be made to any humanitarian organisation.

"Targeting diversion donations means that people who are granted diversion as a consequence of their offending can agree to make a donation to organisations that provide services and programmes that contribute to the goals of crime and crash reduction.

"In this way candidates will contribute to the good work of not-for-profit organisations that help achieve safer communities for all of us." says Mr Fraser.

Organisations wanting to be listed as approved recipients of diversion donations need to complete an application form demonstrating what services, programmes and counselling their organisation provides to offenders and victims in support of the crime and crash reduction goals. Applications must be received by Police by 12 November 2007.

"It is important that local defendants are making donations to help local organisations", says Mr Fraser.

Police have identified two organisations that will automatically be approved organisations. These are Victim Support and Women's Refuges under the umbrella of the National Collective of Independent Women's Refuge Inc.

"Both these organisations make important contributions to the reduction of crime in the community," Mr Fraser said.

Each Police district will include any groups under those two organisations automatically as approved groups in their Police district. Up to eight additional organisations will also be approved organisations for the financial year.

Approval status will be revised annually. New applications will be called for in April next year for the 08/09 financial year.

Information about the application process is available on the Police website