Friday, 2 November 2007 - 9:44pm |

Investigation continues for escaped prisoner

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Wellington Police's investigation into the escape of John Frederick Ericson is now into the investigative phase.

Detectives are undertaking background inquiries to determine the most likely places that Ericson might attempt to travel.

Detective Senior Sergeant Scott Miller who has now taken over the investigation as it goes into the weekend, said police are making extensive inquiries to find Ericson.

Police stations nationally have been alerted as Ericson is known to have links with the Blenheim area, as well as greater Wellington and Auckland.

"We're obviously keen to find Ericson as quickly as possible, and continue to appeal to the public for sightings of him, or to hear from associates he may have contacted after his escape."

Detective Senior Sergeant Miller said that police will be distributing fliers to public transport hubs and service stations in the Wellington area in case people have seen him.

Police have received some calls from the public following news of Ericson's escape, and detectives are following up on this information. At this stage there are no confirmed sightings since his escape.

"We've had a good search of the northern tip of the Miramar Peninsula and there is no obvious indication that he's still in that area. All cordons have now been lifted with inquiries in that area continuing."

Ericson should not be approached and any sightings of him should be immediately reported to police, if necessary on our emergency 111.

Any other information relating to Ericson, can be relayed to Wellington Police 0800 TIP OFF - 0800 847 633, or the main Wellington Central Police telephone number on 04 381 2000.