Tuesday, 28 May 2013 - 3:15pm |

Sixteen year-olds served by Motueka bar

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Two sixteen year old girls who had told the bar staff their correct age were served drinks at the Hotel Motueka last week in a controlled purchase operation.

Nelson Bays Alcohol Harm Reduction Officer Steve Savage said he was astounded when the 16 year old volunteers told him what had happened.

The girls visited the bar on Thursday 23 May and were initially asked for ID. They said they didn't have any and were then asked their age.

"They gave their correct date of birth and the bar staff said, 'so you're 16'.

"The girls confirmed they were 16 and were then served drinks and told to have a nice day," Sergeant Savage said.

"In my view this is a more serious offence than serving someone you believe is 18. The bar staff clearly knew they were serving 16 year olds. I can't imagine what they were thinking," he said.

In the same controlled purchase operation, which visited 34 licensed premises in Nelson, Richmond and Motueka, no other sales were made to minors.

Sergeant Savage said they visited 17 on licences and two clubs in Nelson, five on licences and one club in Richmond and 12 on licences in Motueka.

"The overall result was very pleasing. Clearly the vast majority of licensees are taking their responsibility pretty seriously."

Sergeant Savage said Police would be meeting with the Hotel Motueka management to discuss what action would be taken as a result of the breach.