Friday, 7 June 2013 - 10:24am |
Auckland City

Wolves in cheap clothing in the wardrobe

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If a wardrobe full of brand new but comparatively cheap items sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Auckland City Police are aware that the Facebook invitation-only group 'Walk in Wardrobe' is being used by some members to sell stolen goods.

District Prevention Manager, Inspector Gary Davey says members should be aware that anyone who buys from sites like this needs to be satisfied that what they're buying is being legitimately sold by vendors.

"Police can prosecute people who are reckless when it comes to the circumstances in which they buy goods that are subsequently found to be stolen.

"Our Intelligence staff are taking a close look at this and similar sites where goods, some of which we know are stolen because the legitimate owners have reported the thefts to Police, are offered for sale directly to prospective buyers."

Mr Davey said people who buy stolen goods don't do themselves or anyone else any favours.

"They are perpetuating the opportunities for thieves to illegitimately make money out of their criminal behaviour. If there's no market for stolen goods, burglars and thieves are effectively put 'out of business'.

"Put simply, buyer beware or the price you eventually pay might be much higher than what the item is worth."

Issued by Noreen Hegarty
Auckland City Police Communications Manager
Ph 09 302 6947 or 0274-951-589