Friday, 14 December 2001 - 5:37pm |
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Auckland Police pressures acknowledged

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MEDIA STATEMENT 14 December 2001

Auckland Police staff are under significant pressure and longer term solutions will need to be found to relieve those pressures, the Commissioner of Police, Rob Robinson said today.

"While it is overstating the situation to characterise it as a crisis there is no doubt that Auckland investigators are carrying very heavy case loads.

"I have met with senior Auckland officers within the last week and have undertaken that we work with them to look at options for relieving the pressures.

"These pressures have built up over a period of years and can’t be resolved overnight.

"We have acted this week to put in 15 out-of-district investigative staff to help relieve pressures around the RSA case but this in itself is not a cure.

"Work has commenced in my office to undertake research around the issues and this work in conjunction with work at District level will contribute to solutions," said Mr Robinson.

The Commissioner noted that recruitment activity for the three Auckland districts was continuing and that numbers of Police would continue to increase as planned.

He indicated that the number of vehicles on patrol in Auckland city at particular times of the day or night were deployment issues which were the responsibility of the District Commander.


For further information contact:

Superintendent Howard Broad
Auckland City District Police Commander
Phone 09-3026766