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Have you seen Niko?

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New Plymouth Police are appealing to the public for any information or sightings of missing 16-year-old Bell Block teenager, Nikolao Meafua known as Niko.

Concerns are growing for the safety of Niko who has been missing for nearly a fortnight after he left his Bell Block home on foot on Monday 10 June.

Waitara Detective Paul Barron says that Police are concerned for Niko's safety and wellbeing and just want to know that he is ok.

"We will not force Niko to go home if he doesn't want to; we just want to know that he is ok. His mother and wider family are sick with worry about him and just want to hear from him and know he is well," says Detective Barron.

Police have received some reports of sightings of Niko and have had search and rescue staff searching in Bell Block and Fitzroy.

As well as searching for Niko, police have been in close contact with his family to understand his behaviour prior to going missing. Niko left his home on the Monday after an argument with his mother.

"Despite our searching and appeals and the efforts from his family and local media we have not been able to locate Niko.

"We believe that someone has come into contact with Niko or seen him and I urge them to come forward and contact Police immediately," says Detective Barron.

Niko is of Samoan descent and is described as nearly six foot tall, of slim build and light brown skin with brown eyes and short black hair.

When he left his house on the Monday he was barefooted and wearing black tracksuit pants with two green stripes on the sides and a zipped jersey with a black square pattern.

Anyone with any information as to the current whereabouts of Niko, or who may have seen him is asked to call New Plymouth Police on (06) 759 5500 as soon as possible.

Below is a recent image of Niko and also a message to Niko from his mother Paula Meafua.

Media enquiries should be referred to Communications Manager Sara Stavropoulos on 027 702 0850.

Paula Meafua's message to Niko:

"If I could turn back the time I would take back everything I said to you that day. I was more focused on trying to be the perfect mother to you that I didn't realise that I was pushing you away at the same time.

You going missing has made me realise where I went wrong as a mother and I am so sorry!

Niko, please forgive me and come home. Your Grandma Lagi cries for you every day, your grandfather Maulu asks for you and your young nephews and nieces cry for you wanting to see you again, your whole family is devastated about you being missing.

If you are not ready to come home I will understand but please just let me know that you are OK because I am so sick with worry about you.

I promise you that things will be better when you come home. I promise that I'll never again treat you like a little boy anymore.

Sorry that I was too stubborn to see that you are not a little boy but that was because you are my only son.

I beg you Niko, please come home! Home is not the same without you.

I love you so much and I will keep on searching for you until I find you.

I will keep reading your poem that gives me peace that one day you will come home to me."