Monday, 14 January 2008 - 5:48pm |
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Where's my magnificent model bi-plane?

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Henderson Police are appealing to the public for information on the whereabouts of a magnificent model aeroplane which has been reported stolen from a residential address in West Auckland suburb of Te Atatu South.

Police say that the radio controlled SE5A British Biplane went missing from an address in Te Atatu Road between 1 December 2007 and the 15 December 2007. Since Christmas the owner has personally contacted many of the estimated 20 model aeroplane clubs in the wider Auckland region to raise awareness about the theft. His search for the bi-plane has been unsuccessful.

The Bi-plane was firmly secured and hanging in the roof of a garage at the address. The model is valued at more than $2,000. It took the proud owner and enthusiast two years to build the authentic plane.

Police say one possible scenario is that the garage door was inadvertently left open and someone has seized the opportunity to enter the property. No other items were taken from the garage. The owner is devastated by the theft.

The description and images of the missing model Biplane are;

  • SE5A British Bi-plane - Built on a 1/16 Scale  • Construction is in Balsa plywood - Weighs 4-5kg.  • Authentic Vickers gun protruding from fuselage  • Green on top of the wings and fuselage  • Authentic coloured decals on wings and fuselage  • Model is coloured cream underneath wings   • Blue Wheels - OS52 4Stroke engine - [Brand new]  • Futaba Receiver - Futaba Servos

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of this missing model aeroplane is asked to contact Constable Wells Albert at Henderson Police on 839 0600