Thursday, 10 April 2008 - 1:53pm |
National News

Marie is still missing

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Police now have serious concerns for missing Papanui school girl. Marie Davis is a 15 year old student at Papanui High School who has not been seen since last Saturday night.

"Some one must know where she is," says Detective Senior Sergeant Ginny Le Bas. "Responsible fifteen year olds do not just disappear."

Marie was last seen at her home address in the Northcote/ Bishopdale area at 6pm on Saturday 5 April 2008 when she was dropped off at home by a friend's mother after staying the night with the friends.

Marie was believed to be at home alone the rest of that evening and has not been in contact with friends and family since then.

"This is extremely out of character," says Detective Senior Sergeant Le Bas. "She has a close relationship with her sister and mother and a circle of close teenage friends. Marie is not known to have gone off alone before without her friends or family, or without them knowing where she has gone."

Police have spoken with a large number of people who know Marie but to date have not established her whereabouts.

Marie is a young girl who is known to take a pride in her appearance. She is an animal lover and is a keen photographer. Marie often goes to the Styx Mill Reserve to enjoy the tranquillity and the scenery. Marie will often walk or bus when going out with her close-knit group of friends.

The longer the time Marie is missing the more police concerns are raised.

Anyone that knows or has information relating to Marie Davis who has not yet spoken to Police should do so.

Contact phone 3637400 or cellphone 027 2711308.