Monday, 21 April 2008 - 4:12pm |
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Marie Davis Inquiry

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The Inquiry team into the disappearance of Marie Davis says they are continuing to following up all the information the public have called in with.

"We have had a wonderful public response," says Detective Senior Sergeant Virginia Le Bas. "Yesterday we had 20 calls and police spoke to over 200 people at the Waimakariri River on Sunday. This strong public response enables us to move the inquiry forward."

Police staff are again in the Waimakariri River area today making inquiries at properties on the North Bank and speaking to residents and visiting houses.

Other staff are analysing and assessing all the information received.

The investigation is interested in any further sightings of a vehicle - 4 door sedan, light coloured, that was seen travelling at speed along the north bank of the Waimakariri on Sunday morning 6 April 2008.

"We believe this is not the usual way people would normally drive down a shingle road," says Ms Le Bas. "It's a type of behaviour we're interested in hearing about."

The Davis extended family has asked to be allowed to grieve for Marie in private and that media at her funeral stay at a distance and refrain from interviews.

Please give family spokesperson Nick Donald privacy this week and contact police for all comments.


Virginia Le Bas