Monday, 28 April 2008 - 3:34pm |
National News

Marie Davis Inquiry

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The release of the photograph of the vehicle similar to that being sought by police has brought a new flood of calls to the inquiry into the murder of Marie Davis.

Detective Senior Sergeant Virginia Le Bas says that this morning over 30 people have called in with further sightings of the car, which is thought to be, or similar to, a silver Mitsubishi Gallant.

"We are interested in sightings of the car on the weekend of 5-6 April at the Waimak or Northcote," says Le Bas. "Thank you but we don't need sightings all over the city or outside this time."

The team on the Marie Davis Inquiry had a busy weekend says Virginia Le Bas.

"We have identified the fisherman who was sought earlier in the week," she says. "We have put a lot more pieces into the jigsaw puzzle."

Ms Le Bas says she and the team are confident that they will apprehend an offender for the murder of Marie.