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AnonymousTaxi driver to the rescue

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26 May 2008

Hamilton Police are asking a taxi driver, who's actions were pivotal in the arrest of two men, to come forward so he can be given appropriate recognition for his actions early on Saturday morning.

Constable Craig Taylor said the taxi driver noticed a beat section pursuing a car on foot along Hamilton's Victoria St about 1.20am.

"The offender's car was stopped at lights but before we could get to it the lights went green and as we got to the Collingwood St intersection the scenario was repeated.

"Just then a taxi pulled up and the driver yelled at us to get in so with four burly cops and their equipment squashed in we radioed for back up and proceeded to follow the suspects as far as Mill St."

The green Subaru station wagon was wanted in connection with a robbery of a man near the Waikato Museum carpark.

"A 17-year-old man had been enticed into a car by two men who then assaulted him, demanding his shoes," said Mr Taylor.

"As our victim escaped his t-shirt was torn off him and left in the car, the victim damaged his knee and was taken to Waikato Hospital by ambulance. All we had to go on was a description of the car."

The foot chase began when one of the officers noticed the car on the corner of Marlborough and Victoria Streets, the foot chase was about to be abandoned when the taxi driver intervened.

"When we pulled up in the taxi behind the offenders at Mill St they got the shock of their lives when they were suddenly surrounded by Police.

"The driver nearly died of fright and just put his hands up, a quick search revealed the victim's torn shirt on the back seat," said Mr Taylor.

An 18-year-old Hamilton man and a 16-year-old Auckland youth were arrested in relation to the incident.

Police are keen to identity their good samaritan.

"By the time the offenders had been secured in a Police vehicle the taxi driver had gone, all we know of him was he was a male of African descent, we'd really like to contact him and thank him for what he did."