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Eye for detail

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05 May 2008

A victim of an assault's sharp eye for detail led Police to his attacker but his 'lack' of accuracy for detail has Police re-interviewing those involved.

Police were called to Glenview about 1.30am after a member of the public reported seeing a man staggering and collapse.

Treated at the scene by St John Ambulance staff the man, aged in his 20s, told Police he had been abducted and assaulted by four men.

Senior Sergeant Marcus Lynam said the victim was then taken to the Hamilton Central Police Station for interviewing.

"He told officers how he had been walking along Kahikatea Dr when a car with four men in it pulled up behind him, beat him and forced him into a car before taking him to Resthills Park where he was again beaten and dumped."

"Describing his attackers' car as a tan, late model Ford Falcon, he then added it was an ex-police car, because of the distinctive wheels."

About three hours later a car matching the man's description was stopped on Pembroke St and the driver arrested.

"It turned out the car was indeed a former CIB car, the driver told us he bought it for $6000 at auction," said Mr Lynam.

But while the victim's eye for detail was on the mark his memory is somewhat questionable.

"Our victim told us he was attacked by strangers and that he lost a backpack and two cell phones.

"Very basic enquiries have revealed he at least knew the driver of the car and both parties are being re-interviewed by Police," said Mr Lynam.

Anyone who may have been in the vicinity of Kahikatea Dr or Resthills Park at the time of the incident is asked to contact Detective Sergeant Mark Greene at the Hamilton Central Police Station on 07 858 6200.